Spouse Details Using Astrology.


Are you looking for the Planetory Combinations on how to check the Know Spouse Details from your horoscope.  If Yes, then this blog is for you. After completing this blog, You will have a fair idea on steps to check Spouse Details.

My name is Kishan Raj and I have researched on this topic on “Spouse characteristics using Astrology” from past few years. I have taken the reference from astrology books and my client’s horoscope.

It is possible to accurately predict the attributes of your spouse and the married life using astrology. D1 and D9 charts are the 2 major charts that have a clear indication of all the details of your spouse like their personality, complexion, profession, etc.

You Need to Analyze the following points before making the predictions:

  1. Planet that is Ruiling Your 7th house
  2. House and zodiac sign, in which your 7th lord is placed
  3. Planets are present in the 7th house of the d1 and d9 chart
  4. Placement of 7th lord of d1 in the d9 chart
  5. Venus is the main significator of love and romance in married life
  6. Darakaraka Planet and it’s Nakshatra

See, Every planet is linked with Some specific traits and characteristics, which will have a major impact on your spouse. For example, Mercury majors traits are educated, friendly, analytical, social, talkative and intelligent… Jupiter’s major traits include spiritual, knowledgeable, educated, good character, understanding, etc. Similarly, every planet has it own traits and you need to deeply analyze the 7th lord and the planets aspecting/conjuncting them in accordance with your horoscope. Just like planets, we need to analyze the sign forming in the 7th house to understand the characteristics of Spouse in more details.

For example, Suppose Leo is forming in your 7th house, then the Sun will be a major dominating planet in your horoscope of your
spouse…So, you are likely to get a spouse with a very strong personality and leadership qualities…They will have pride in themself and will stay away from situations that can adversely affect their reputation…They are pretty confident in nature and will have a 
natural charisma that attracts attention…They love to express themselves creatively and may have a natural talent for performing arts, such
as acting or public speaking… They are generous and caring in nature and always care for the needy ones… If the sun is strongly placed in your horoscope then Your spouse may be a recognized person or someone who is recognized for their work.. Your spouse may be a very motivating person who loves to motivate others in order to help them in achieving their goals. Your spouse will be loyal to their loved ones and also they are very protective of their loved ones whenever they need…They are often creative and passionate individuals. They have a natural talent for self-expression and may be drawn to artistic pursuits such as acting, writing, or visual arts.

 Also, Darakaraka planet and its Nakshatra play the most important role in deciding the Profession of your Spouse.

So, You need to deeply analyze all the the points mentioned above to get a clear-cut indication of all details of your spouse like looks,
behavior, personality, age difference, marriage timing, etc…If you still need some specific details like siblings of a spouse, their wealth, debts, inlaws, etc., then you can easily predict it using the concept of Bhavat Bhavam… In order to predict physical features of Spouse, I will write other blog on it.

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