Foreign Travel or Settlement in Astrology

Foreign travel and settlement in astrology

Are you looking for the Planetory Combinations on how to check the Foreign Travel or Settlement in your horoscope.  If Yes, then this blog is for you.

After completing this blog, You will have a fair idea on steps to check Foreign Travel or Settlement in your horosocope.

My name is Kishan Raj and I have researched on this topic on “Foreign Travel/Settlement Astrology” from past few years. I have taken the reference from astrology books and my client’s experiences who have travelled or settled in Foreign Countries.

The main house responsible for foreign settlement is the 12th house and the main planet responsible for taking you to a foreign land is Rahu.. 12th house is the farthest from the ascendant and that’s why the 12th house is seen for all the foreign-related activities.. Apart from the 12th house, we have to also consider the 9th house and 4th house.. 9th house represents long journeys and the 4th house represents your motherland.. 

I am mentioning 7 planetary combinations that you will most probably find in the birth chart of persons who have settled in foreign countries:



  • First condition: When there are any relations between your ascendant and the 12th house. This is one of the sure shot combinations that almost confirms that you will have a foreign settlement. This relation between the ascendant and 12th house can be like your ascendant lord placed in the 12th house, the 12th lord placed in the ascendant, ascendant lord and 12th lord mutually respecting each other, having conjunctions, etc. 
  • When any debilitated planet or separative planets like Rahu or Saturn is placed in the 2nd house, 4th house, 9th house, or 12th house. Separative planets or debilitated planets, both have the tendency to take you away from your homeland. 
  • 4th lord goes into the 12th house is again a high probability chance of going to a foreign because the planet controlling your motherland has gone to the house of a foreign land.
  • If your ascendant or 4th house is forming a relationship with the 9th house, then it increases the chances of foreign journeys in your life, but it won’t ensure settling in a foreign land on a permanent basis.
  • When your ascendant, 4th house, 9th house, or 12th house makes any relationship with Rahu, then chances of foreign travel or settlement increase.
  • Any planet placed in the 12th house will try to permanently settle you in foreign countries if you got its time period that is Mahadasha or Antardasha at the correct age. For example, suppose you are working as a software engineer and you are trying for onsite opportunities. Luckily you got the time period of Moon which is placed in the 12th house, then there is a fair chance that you will easily get the onsite opportunity and you will permanently settle down in the foreign country. 
  • Planet transits in your 9th house or 12th house also favor foreign travel, but this condition only works when foreign travel is promising in your d1 chart.


So, these are some combinations you need to check for foreign travel or settlement. 


Even if you won’t find these combinations in your horoscope, then no need to worry.. In Vedic astrology and Nadi astrology, there are many more combinations for foreign travel and settlement. 


I will mention the Nadi astrology combinations in some other answer. 


Some additional information :


I always get one common question from my clients that the 12th house is a malefic house and Rahu is also a malefic planet, then why these are considered a significator for foreign settlements? The reason is that our ancestors never considered leaving your motherland as a positive event. During that era, if you are going to a foreign land that means you are going to adapt to the foreign language and culture leaving your traditions behind. But the good thing is that, the era and time period have completely got changed now. Most of the western countries such as USA, England, Canada are highly diverse now and you can get the peoples, food, and cultures of all over the world in these countries.


So, all the best for your foreign dreams.

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