Jupiter in 2nd house

Jupiter in Second house of D1 Chart

Are you Looking for the Effect of Jupiter in 2nd house ?? If yes, then this article is for you..

The below points will explain you the effect of Jupiter in 2nd house. After completing this blog, You will have a fair idea on effect of Jupiter in 2nd house. I have researched on this topic on Jupiter in 2nd house from past few years. I have taken the reference from my knowledge, astrology books and my client’s experiences who are having Jupiter in 2nd house.

Jupiter in the 2nd house is a wonderful placement for Jupiter.

  • These people are generally wealthy and never use any bad means to earn money. Despite having good wealth, these people never use to show off their wealth and try to remain down to earth as much as they can. So, this is considered an excellent placement for wealth and Savings.
  • In my consultation with my clients, I have seen very few people with Jupiter in 2nd house and still have some sort of financial struggles. The reason is that, if the Dasha of any other planets which is damaged and related to the 2nd house/11th house or has an unfavorable transit, may cause financial issues for a certain period. But yes, If Jupiter or the 2nd house/11th house is not highly afflicted, then in general these people don’t have financial issues.
  • If Jupiter has no link with Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, then these peoples usually prefers Satvik-type foods. They usually avoid Outside unhealthy foods, fast foods, etc, and prefer to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • These individuals usually get very Supportive parents…They always get all kinds of help and support from parents whenever they need it. Even These natives are themselves also very caring for their families. When these natives start earning they try their best to fulfill all the dreams and desires of their family.
  • If Jupiter is not afflicted, then these people usually have a very calm/pleasant voice and speech. Their voice may have a positive and relaxing vibe.
  • Hence 6th house represents Job and the 10th house represents your overall career and fame. So, Hence Jupiter will aspecting both these houses, so this placement of Jupiter is considered excellent for career, and natives may see a good upliftment of career during the Dasha of Jupiter.


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