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Hello, I am Kishan Raj, Founder of Planet Sapphire Astrology. I have been practicing Vedic Astrology since 5 years, and I am trained under World’s Renowned Nadi Astrologer Vishnu Sastri. I use the method of Dasha system, transits, Divisional charts and many other tools of Vedic and Nadi Astrology to give the most accurate and precise prediction. All my clients are pretty satisfied with the consultation that I provides regarding marriage, career, education etc. along with proper remedies. I also write blogs on topics related to astrology which have crossed more than 1 million views yet. For me, It’s my one the biggest passion to guide the person though their roadmap of stars so that they don’t lost their way.¬† Till the date, I have client base across 12 different countries with mainly from India, USA and Sweden. Apart from astrologer, I am working as an AI Scientist in a reputed MNC.


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Consultation Services

Spouse Details Using Astrology

Marriage Consultation

This session will cover complete details about your Spouse's Personality, Looks, Profession, behavior, Marriage Timing, Good and Bad Phases of married Life etc. (Note - This is not a match making Consultation)

Career Consultation

Know the Best Suited Career as per your horoscope, whether job or Business is more suited for you, should you Prepare for government jobs, Ups and down year in career, any other questions related to career

Foreign Travel or Settlement in Astrology

Foreign Travel

This Session will cover the topics such as whether your chart supports travelling or settling in foreign country, the time duration and the direction in which you are going to settle, any other questions related to it.

Child Birth Consultation

Detailed analysis on all aspects of his/her life.

Match Making

Currently Unavailable‚Äč

QA Session

5 Questions related to any aspect of your Life

About Upcoming Courses

Currently no upcoming courses till May 2024

Unfortunately, We are not starting any course of Vedic or Nadi Astrology till May 2024. We will keep you updated here about the upcoming courses.

Become An Astrologer

I provides online astrology coaching either though one on one class or in a group class of 5. The class happens through Zoom and it will be a totally 3 months class mainly on weekend where I will take you through all the important concepts of Vedic Astrology like Planetory positions, Dasha system, transits, Nakshatras etc. from Scratch and after the course completion, you will be able to fluently check yours and other’s horoscope with an excellent accuracy. To know about the complete syllabus/topics, new batch starting dates etc. message me on whatsApp me or drop a mail.