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Are you Looking for the Effect of Jupiter in 8th house ?? If yes, then this article is for you..

The below points will explain you the effect of Jupiter in 8th house. After completing this blog, You will have a fair idea on effect of Jupiter in eighth house. I have researched on this topic on Jupiter in eighth house from past few years. I have taken the reference from my knowledge, astrology books and my client’s experiences who are having Jupiter in 8th house.

 Jupiter is considered as most beneficial planet in Vedic Astrology. It is the planet of knowledge, religion, expansion, wisdom and there are numerous other positive significance related with Jupiter. When it goes into the 8th house, it is considered one of the best placement of Jupiter. There are tons of positive results that you may achieve when you are having this placement. So let’s talk about them one by one. 

  • 8th house is the house of your longevity, so when Jupiter goes into your 8th house, it may give you a good lifespan and a peaceful death.. Peaceful death means you will achieve all your responsibilities in this life and happily leave this world. 
  • Next, Jupiter destroys atleast 1 significance of the house in which it is placed… Hence 8th house is related with a lot of negative traits such as accidents, Fearfulness, destructions so Jupiter may help you to overcome from such negative traits of 8th house. So, the Negative significance of 8th house got nullified up to a certain extent when Jupiter is placed there. 
  • Next, Jupiter’s aspect is always considered as a blessing in the Vedic Astrology. Hence Jupiter will aspect you 2nd house, 4th house and 12th house, so it will contribute a lot of great impact on the significance of these houses.. so it’s very beneficial for your wealth, savings, Happiness, buying properties and vehicles, getting success in foreign land, managing your expenditures, and meditation practices. 
  • 8th house is also the house of transformation, so A positive transformation in the life is seen in the Period of Jupiter.
  • 8th house is 2nd from 7th, so you may get a spouse from a well-cultured family.. Also, you’ll have a very good relation with in laws.. The inlaws of such natives plays a very supportive role in their life.
  • Hence Jupiter represents knowledge and 8th house represents astrology and other mysterious Sciences.. So, Natives with Jupiter in 8th house definitely have a good interest in astrology and loves to explore mysterious related topics. 
  • There may be some Divine Energy who may always helping the Native to come out from tough situations in their life. They may have a divine blessings from outer world. 
  • In many cases, the native’s grandfather dies before the native turns 8 years old. If not, then their grandfather may have a very long life span.
  • 8th house represents issues related to ancestors properties and Inheritance. So, when Jupiter goes into 8th house, such peoples rarely face any inheritance issues and take a good care of their ancestral lands and properties.

So, These are very general predictions assuming that native has a very strong placement of Jupiter in their Birth Chart. Otherwise, if Jupiter or 8th house is having some afflictions in d1 or d9 chart, then native may have stomach related issues and few other problems. So, Without analyzing the entire birth chart, we can’t conclude anything. But yes, Jupiter in 8th house is overall a great placement.

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